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Best Camera For Automotive Photography

Most automobile companies hire professional photographers to photograph their vehicles, especially the newly made ones, to create a trend and attract people with super incredible shots—some professional photographers know well which camera is suitable for automotive photography.

 But the most frequently asked question of most beginners is which is the best camera for automotive photography. So, in this article, you will find out about the best camera to use while doing automotive photography.

How to take automotive photography?

Automotive photography is quite famous all around the globe and in demand too. Almost all car brands try to hire a photographer that can take stunning shots of their cars. These brands do so to gain the public attention towards their car before its launch.

So, the following are some of the tricks and tips you can follow to make the best shots of automobiles.


Shoot at the right time of the day:

Understanding the best time for the shoot is as important as the shooting gear. You will not gain anything if you have the best cameras but no understanding of the right time to shoot. The best time to do automotive photography is few minutes after the sunset and a few minutes before the sunrise. These are considered the best times because the sunlight is quite soft, and the automobile gives a fresh and shiny look.

As the day becomes bright, the light becomes even harsher and distorts the colors of the car you’re going to shoot.


Be on the lookout for reflections:

Reflections play a vital role in displaying the best image of the car. Make sure that there is nothing in your vehicle’s background and, most preferably, not on the front side too. It would benefit if you also avoided your reflection on the car while clicking its photo.

The best location to take the automobile’s photo is in front of the green landscapes like fields, etc. you can also take the best shots on the highways where nothing is in the background or the foreground.




The car’s texture is the main thing the companies demand from you. The texture can only be shown when there’s nothing that can reflect on the vehicle. If you want to avoid your reflection falling on the car, use a tripod stand, put your camera on it, set a timer, and move aside from the frame to get the best shot.

Take driving shots:

Try to take the shots of the car from another moving vehicle. Adjust the shutter speed, ISO, and the f value to take the moving car’s best photo from another vehicle. You can also take a panning shot of the moving automobile while standing still.




Pay attention to the color of the car:

The right time to capture a car depends upon the color of the vehicle. Most cars preserve their colors when shots are taken in the soft light, while some cars portray their true colors when taken in the bright sunlight.



Choose the background carefully:

Choose the background of the shot carefully according to the theme and the color of the car. Like a plain background won’t suit a sport or racing car. Similarly, a sporty background for a simple vehicle won’t be the best fit. So, understand the theme and select the appropriate background accordingly.






Let the car interact with nature:

According to the specifications and the type of car you are shooting, try to capture it in the related environment. If you are capturing pictures of a 4×4 vehicle or a vehicle that can be used for off-roading, take it to that environment and click its photographs.

Doing this will tell the viewers without any description that this car can be used for off-roading. Don’t take pictures of all the vehicles in the same environment. Those cars preferred to use in the city and for less steep and harsh tracks, make sure to display them in the same way. Otherwise, a perception of lame claims will be developed in the viewer’s mind.





Taking the panning shots:

Panning shots are famous and in demand because of the creation of motion blur while doing car photography. The background of the panning shots got blurred, and the subject (the car you are capturing) freezes with focus on it.




Best camera for car photography in 2022:

Camera gear plays a pivotal role in taking the best shots of the car. Especially in 2022, when the gear is going to be more advanced, it will become compulsory to have up-to-date and the best equipment to take the best shots. The camera must have the features to adjust the resolution, frame rate, autofocusing and manual focusing, shutter speeds, image stabilization, ISO range, etc.

The research done to find the best camera for automobile photography in 2022 came out to be Sony’s A7R IV because of the following specs.

specification Range/value
Camera type Mirrorless
Sensor Full frame
Megapixels 61 frame rates at ten fps
Shutter speed range 30 sec/bulb to 1/8000
ISO range 100 to 32000 (50 to 102400 expanded)
Image stabilization Sensors shift 5-axis up to 5.5 stops compensation
Video 4k video recording at 30p
Screen 30inches 1.4m dot tilting touchscreen
Weight 665 grams with battery and memory card
Price It costs nearly 3500 dollars


What is the best budget camera for car photography?

A camera that can perform best and is pocket-friendly is the requirement of most people, especially the beginners, because they aren’t earning anything till now. If you want the best and budget-friendly camera for car photography, do your thorough research and compare the prices and specifications to get the best one.

According to our research, the Nikon D7500 DX-format is the best and budget-friendly camera if you want to do car photography. Because it has been verified to be the best overall performer worldwide because of its excellent performance at high ISOs and its phenomenal sensor, that’s why it is the best recommendation for beginners and for those who want a pocket-friendly camera.





Best lens for car photography:

The first step for doing car photography is to choose the right camera. Once you have chosen the right camera according to your requirements and budget, the most crucial task is to find the best lens for car photography.

A 24-70mm lens with f/2.8 is the best lens to go within any photography. It serves as the multiple purpose lens and serves as the most versatile lens. You can purchase Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 lens or Sigma Art 24-70mm f/2.8 FE lens.


Best motion Camera for car photography:

While doing car photography, you will need the best motion camera too to take some stunning shots. Motion camera lets you take some fantastic panning shots. So, if you have a combo of two cameras, i.e., one for still photography and one for motion photography, you can become unbeatable in the market.

According to the research, Nikon D850 has proved to be the best motion camera for car photography.




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After reading the above article, you can confidently select the best camera for automotive photography. And not only this, but you can also recommend and guide anyone about the best and the affordable cameras and lenses if they want to do product photography.


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