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How to fix a car sun visor that won’t stay up?

Undoubtedly, you can’t drive carefully if the sunlight directly hits your eyes. Also, the sunlight may uplift your car’s interior temperature and make it uncomfortable to stay longer. In those cases, a sun visor plays a significant role.

Falling down the sun visor is a most common issue typically all the driver faces. Therefore, it becomes hard to block the sunlight. Instead of replacing it with a new one, you can easily use some hacks to fix that. So, let’s see how to fix a car sun visor that won’t stay up.

How to fix a loose sun visor?

Is your Sun Visor flipping down by itself, and you become tired of trying to put this up all the time, but it goes down? If you face that issue, here are the three easiest solutions for you.

Method No. 01:

Sometimes, you can solve your loose sun visor issue by tightening up the screws. The process is straightforward, and you can quickly solve that using the following steps.




  • First, you can go ahead by pulling the right side off. Then, you may see that the visor keeps flopping non-stop.
  • Now, move to the left side, where you will notice a little clip, so pull that off. Once you pull off, you will see two screws so, take a screwdriver to tighten up those screws. After tightening up, you can see that your sun visor is already rising by itself. Hopefully, your sun visor is a lot sturdier than what you had before.



  • Finally, take the clip and place it the same way you took it off, like slide it back in and then just push all the way around.



Method No. 2: Using Velcro



If the first method seems complex, you can follow the following one. It doesn’t require an extensive amount; instead, three bucks is enough.

  • First, you need to take a velcro and stick it where it starts the much thicker part of the visor arm. You should attach a little velcro to that transition point.

Note: If you attach that too far, it will screw up the velcro. Therefore, you can’t push the visor back into place.

  • Now, you can shove the visor back into place. Then Snap the visor back up to check whether it can move in any of your desired positions.

Hopefully, that process will give you a permanent solution and save you a good amount.


Method No. 03: Using a VapoRizer



Having no DIY skill? Don’t worry, a VisoRiser will be a helping hand for you to solve your issue. The size is standard. Hence, it can solve any of your problems. Interestingly, the installation is relatively easy. You can easily manage that from Amazon. Let’s figure out the process from here.

  • To begin with, you need to place the visor up.
  • Now, place the bent end at the end of the visor and keep the finger at the other end of the visoriser.
  • After that, match the length of the visoriser and your visor. Then give a slide bend at where the visoriser meets the visor’s end.
  • Finally, insert your visoriser over the visor, and hopefully, your problem will be solved.

How to fix a broken sun visor?

Buying a new sun visor may cost you 70 to 100 dollars or more. But you can easily fix your broken one by spending a few bucks. Here are the processes.

  • At first, you need to take a knife and then slice open the fabric of the sun visor to get that out. Now, you will see the clamshell come apart easily.
  • Now, take a piece of plastic that comes with two holes like the picture.



  • After that, locate the arm of the sun visor (see the following picture). Now, take a drill machine and drill on the opposite side of the clip to attach the piece of plastic. When you connect that plastic piece on there, that helps your sun visor spring down or spring up out of the way.


  • Then, place the plastic piece on the clip like the picture. After completing the drilling, now take a screw and put on that hole. Also, you need to put on a washer and a nut. If the screw seems a little bit big, you can size it using a plier.



  • Once you are done, now, you need to bang up the visor and then attach a fabric or gaffer tape


Video source:

How to temporarily fix a broken car window?





What steps do you take to fix your broken car window temporarily? Here are the steps you can embrace before replacing a new car window.

The items you need for this process.

  1. Clear packing tape.
  2. Tape gun



  • So, when you have those items, now you can start taping from the top edge to the bottom. Remember that you should do your best to avoid molding and the paint. You just want to have it on the frame of the window.




  • Now, you need to tape all the way vertically until you come across the window.


Note: You need to ensure that each piece of tape overlaps the other part of the paper.

  • After finishing the taping process, you will discover yourself again, avoiding all the paint at the outer edge.
  • Now, you can run another strip across the top to connect all your pieces. Again, you need to run another strip across the bottom and put all the tape pieces together to ensure they hold on tight.
  • After that, you need to run three horizontally across to ensure that it will stay until you go to the repair shop.

Different Types of Car Sun Visors

There are two types of sun visors based on how they’re mounted to your vehicle’s interior:

Fixed-Mounted Car Sun Visors



This type of sun visor comes with a very simple structure. You will find a bar that goes to the car’s interior ceiling. Plus, a clip will help you fasten the visor. That basic design allows you to adjust this car visor’s rotation and up or down easily to block the sunlight from any angle. Noteworthy to mention, this sun visor offers straightforward construction. One problem you may face is wide clips and grip losing related issues.

If the clips become worn, the visor is possible to snap off or droop completely. Don’t worry. You can tighten those screws to fix that loose visor. Also, you can uplift their grip by adding some rubber materials to the clips.

Attention: If you see the sun visor severely damaged, replace that with a new one. 

Swivel-Mounted Car Sun Visors

Swivel mount car sun visor is another common mount. Its design isn’t simple yet more complicated than the 1st one. Here you will find a swivel bar on the car ceiling’s outer corner, which helps to fix the visor. Plus, a clip is attached on another side.




Interestingly, you can easily put it away and adjust easily whenever you want because of its wide range. One point of caution: This type of car sun visor may drop because of the prone to wear and tear. That situation occurs because of the loose screws. Therefore, you can’t tighten those screws quickly and adjust based on your desire. Keep in mind that this type of car visor demands more frequent repair when you use it regularly.


Final thought

Hopefully, our guidance lets you solve a common issue of losing the sun visor. We try to bring all the easiest hacks in our article “How to fix car sun visors that won’t stay up.” Now, we wrap up our discussion. So, look at the sun visor and gather all the items you need to fix it.


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